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  2. Здравствуйте. За что выдают звания? И как повысить уровень на форуме??

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  4. Bug reports

    Now it's 6:45am cst & it's been over 12hrs & I've not been able to see anything buta loading screen & that is it. I saw it connect to my Google ID for the leaderboard but the only screen is the loading screen once again. I've tried force closing the game & even reset both my tablets by powering them off & back on, but I can't try uninstalling game because you haven't set syncrination up yet to attach it to mail in order to not lose progress. (Honestly that should have been completed before game was released globally in my opinion.) I am missing out on festival event completion days because of this bug & I really want rare pumpkin on both tablets. Please fix this issue fast.
  5. Bug reports

    In addition... this happpened when not on WiFi or data so while it was in offline mode
  6. Bug reports

    About 4hr ago I was with my sister & nephews in her van going tocelebratemy birthday & logged on for 1st time on both tablets letting my nephews run a few battles to complete daily quests & event quests when a bug started to pop up & both tablets where not playing game properly. I reset tablet after force closing game on both & game it not loadingbat all now. There are 3 hrs left before day changes & I know I can complete the quests but am not able to due to the bug that's going on. Here are some screenshotsbefore it got stuck on loading screen & wouldn't let me in.
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  8. Какой промо-код на сегодня???

  9. Claim your Contributor award

    Ok, guys! Алекс got the last one award I'm stopping to distribute them as Hero Masters was officially launched globally on App Store and Google Play. Here is the news. Congratulations, everybody! We wouldn't achieve it without all support coming from our lovely community of players.
  10. Epic news, everyone!🔥🙀 Hero Masters was released globally and featured on Google Play, which means more and more people (and creatures👽👻🤖) joining you in fantasy adventures👾🌏 👉Play for FREE on Apple Store🍏 👉Play for FREE on Google Play🎮 Start playing the game now and become the most powerful Hero Master among all in the universe! #madewithunity#battler#idle#rpg#heroes#fantasy#game#mobilegaming#collect#summon#magic#universe#world#playforfree#afterwork#afterschool#craft#grind#dungeons
  11. 2x exp boost

    @Bluehaven's Game CornerYes, I remember =D That is another example illustrating that the EXP boosts don't stack anymore, just extend the time. I was just clarifying sincePavel had told the other player that they stacked giving+200% EXP boosts when we both have found that they didn't stack and insteadextended the time. I was explaining that a couple months ago, the EXP boosts used to stack, but a player called Amnesia (and maybe others too) reported that it gave too much EXP and it was changed to no longer stack anymore. Thus, now it adds timeto the EXP timer instead of stacking. Hope that helps clarify.
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  13. Report hackers

    The previous screenshots that were broken wereof this same player summoning several more 4 & 5 ☆.
  14. Report hackers

    Thank you, we will take care of it!
  15. Report hackers

    Unfortunately links to screenshots from this message are broken. Can't look at them ( But thank you for keeping posting info about hackers.
  16. Energy Regeneration

    I replied to profile # in a previous comment in this thread & it was level 7 & no I do not change my time on any of my devices. It is automatically set to change with daylight savings time so I do not have to do anything with time. Since the update I have not had an issue yet. However, I will keep an eye on It.
  17. 2x exp boost

    You & I discussed this on discord I thought when I informed you ofthe promocode for testers. I spent gems to buy a boost & it didn't stack, it just extended the length of time from 24h to 48h
  18. Energy Regeneration

    Really sad to heat that 1 So what's your account level? 2 By any chance did you change the time on your device?
  19. 2x exp boost

    @Ilyenko Pavel Are you sure? On both mobile and steam version 2 simultaneous EXP boosts gavethe 100% boost for 48 hours (not 200% for 24 hours). I know it used to be able to stack, but I remember Amnesia reported it a while back as being too big of a boost (made it imbalanced). Thus, I think it got changed to just add on time to the exp boost instead of stacking. - Meissner
  20. Jogo travando (ANDROID)

    Olá! Você poderia nos enviar uma captura de tela de um momento problemático?
  21. Claim your Contributor award

    Хочу награду!
  22. Report hackers

    this is horrible. I am only getting 3* heroes from magic scroll & gems And I actually saw so many players having 4/5* heroes while playing in arena.
  23. Report hackers

    Here's another from that night
  24. Report hackers

    So the only thing I can think of at this point with someone summoning so many 4☆ hero's in a row is the constant option tocontinually pay $30 or $50 usd for the purple scroll pack that's offered which is a lot of money or they have hacked the system to get these packs or "naturally" summon these heroes 4☆ & 5☆ heroes. Here are some screenshots from the other night I took.
  25. Como alterar o nick (ANDROID)

    In game, you should be able to click on name given to you to change it to something you want it to be. In chat in game, click on your name at bottom left of screen. Then you need to click on it again when your profile pulls up & it should let you change it. On profile, you can also click on profile image & select from preset images to change your basge.
  26. Jogo travando (ANDROID)

    Is it summoning a hero or is the reward you are receiving for winning a hero?
  27. Energy Regeneration

    It happened again this morning when I woke. However, i didn't pay close attention to how I exited game this time. I'll start jotting it down to keep record for this tablet.
  28. Claim your Contributor award

    Just download the game. Wonderful so far!
  29. Claim your Contributor award

    What is this reward I'm hearing so much about?
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