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  3. Update announcements

    Hero Masters 1.0.3 EN ⭐️Energy restore in background mode bug was fixed ⭐️Rare pumpkin texture was improved ⭐️Added guest mode in Chat ⭐️Added Spanish and Portuguese localizations ⭐️Give up button was added for Arena mode RU ⭐️ Исправлена проблема с восстановлением энергии в фоновом режиме ⭐️ Обновлен внешний вид редкой тыквы. Теперь в бою она отличается от обычной тыквы ⭐️ Добавлен гостевой режим чата в игре ⭐️ Добавлена испанская и португальская локализации ⭐️ Добавлена возможность сдаться во время боя на Арене
  4. Update announcements

    Hi, Chancho! Thanks for letting us know. Well, first of all, we're right now focused on the mobile version of the game (sorry to tell you that) and we do not intend to update the Steam version till its official release, which you can check on Steam. The date might change though. Second, we did update the Steam version this Monday, as an exception, specifically to fix the bug with rare pumpkin. However, the chat isn't intended to work on Steam version, as it's still under development. Saying all of that, I suggest you to check whether or not you have an update for Hero Masters on Steam. Update the game and confirm that Rare Pumpkinlooks fine. Hope you find that well.
  5. Update announcements

    uhh just to let u know guys the chat is broken on steam version, cant see anything there its empty, ohh and the rare pumpkin from the halloween event is some white box theres no model.
  6. Вопросы по игре

    Добрый день, Дмитрий! 1 Сменя ника описана вот тут 2 К сожалению, нет. Да, это хорошая возможность. Мы уже добавили эту кнопку, она будет доступна в следующем апдейте. Эта проблема до сих пор существует? Напишите нам на, и опишите кратко проблему укажите ваш внутриигровой айди укажитепочту, которая использовалась для привязки
  7. F.A.Q.

    Hello, guys! I've decided to start this F.A.Q. to answer most common questions. Would love to see in the comments below your suggestions regarding questions I need to add and adjustments for my answers to make them more clear.
  8. Вопросы по игре

    Ответа не дождаться( пробовал привязать аккаунт а ачивка не выполняется
  9. Вопросы по игре

    Здравствуйте, как в игре изменить ник на желаемый? Есть ли возможность сделать просмотр нанесенного урона после боя, чтоб составлять впечатления о героях, например статистика , нанесенный урон, вытанковано, отхил. И ещё уйма мелочей если имеет смысл изложу свои мысли.
  10. Вопросы по игре

    Вот и ещё одно, на арене сделайте возможность сдаться, потому что когда силы равны и ждеш конца боя, а по результату все равно проиграешь ведь не слил команду противника, или сделайте подсчет по нанесенному урону и зачисляйте победу тому кто больше нанес
  11. Вопросы по игре

    Здравствуйте, как в игре изменить ник на желаемый? Есть ли возможность сделать просмотр нанесенного урона после боя, чтоб составлять впечатления о героях, например статистика , нанесенный урон, вытанковано, отхил. И ещё уйма мелочей если имеет смысл изложу свои мысли.
  12. Bug reports

    I hope it's not the same for me. I spent a lot of time working on getting stats for database with another user.
  13. Bug reports

    I tried again today & this time it gave me the url you are talking about. On my Samsung Tab A it is:user id- 18cee5c8-62dd-4913-b4c2-a1162abbd2e2 On my Samsung S2 Tablet it is: user id-551a0188-7e48-4eff-8c63-13d5ab374bd5
  14. Bug reports

    This is exactly what happened to me! they have said its too hard to retrieve my account but have offered a promocode since i have to start again
  15. How to save your progress??

    Hello! For example, you can bind your in-game account to Google Play through Settings window.
  16. Bug reports

    @Bluehaven's Game Cornerwhen you enter the chat please open Navigation Panel on the left and then click on your name at the bottom to open your player's profile. When you do so - you'll see the URL I'm asking. Please send it to me.
  17. Bug reports

    I log into chat on unnynet with & I looked at the url for both & this is all it gives me... I can shake the tablet hard enough to enter chat from the the frozen loading screen but that's it. If the profile page had my player Id on it where I log in I could get it from there for you but it doesn't.
  18. Bug reports

    @Bluehaven's Game CornerI'm sorry, but we didn't find any account with this emails. Did you use UnnyNet with your old progress? If so - I need your UnnyNet ID: Please go here Login as usual and open your profile page - there will be your ID in the url path. This is my url for ex: So my id is: b246adbe-c1af-4532-88ca-f1d1709b0211
  19. Bug reports

    On my Samsung Tab A it is On my Galaxy S2 tablet it is
  20. Bug reports

    Hello there, @Bluehaven's Game Corner What's your email on this acc?
  21. Bug reports

    If you are talking about the Google Play ID that pops up when I open game... on my Samsung Tab A it is: BluehavensGameCorner On my Samsung Galaxy S2 it should be: pjs7897
  22. Bug reports

    @Bluehaven's Game CornerCan you tell me your google id?
  23. How to save your progress??

    Any way to save your progress since i dont see nothing to save the progress... thank you
  24. Bug reports

    Where do I get my save file on my tablets? Yes, with & without internet connected, yet no luck stuck on loading screen.
  25. Bug reports

    Hello, don't worry. If we fix the issue, we can just send you the pumpkins you lost. Have you tried to launch the game without internet connection? If that won't help, I'll need to get your save file to reproduce the error.
  26. Requiero guia de juego

  27. Bug reports

    Here is a video of me trying to log in for the 3rd day in a row. It started on my birthday & I haven't been able to play since. I've lost a total of 15 out of the 100 required pumpkins in the festival event to get rare pumpkin hero. At this rate if it's not fixed soon I will lose the opportunity to receive him. With the issue, it is impossible to tell you a Player ID unless I have a screenshot still saved I took from eachtablet. 20181023_110906.mp4
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