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  2. Rune Sets Duplicating on New Summons

    Not sure if this was an intended game mechanic or not, but it seems like equipped runes sets have a rare chance to reincarnate on new summons essentially duplicating the entire rune set. EDIT: After some testing, it seems to happen consistently only with magic summons, not regular summons. Old Rune Set on 4-Star Lvl 39Pirate: New Rune Set on 3-Star Lvl 1 Gentleman:
  3. General

    Woah - just noticed that these "auto-equipped" runes were actually duplicated runes from my other characters. EDIT: Started a new thread with title and tags to alert the devs about this in case it wasn't an intended mechanic. Old Rune Set on 4-Star Lvl 39Pirate: New Rune Set on 3-Star Lvl 1 Gentleman:
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  5. General

    Just some input, I don't like the idea of auto-equipping runes when I get a new hero. Loving the game so far, and looking forward to new updates and new ideas to make this game even better. !!
  6. Cloud Save?

    My question is, whether it's possible to play on two different pc's with one steam account and the same save point?
  7. My former account didn't bind

    Hey, thank you for letting us know about this problem and we're really sorry to hear that you have it. Unfortunately, the game doesn't support restore of progress right now. Next week we will have a new update of the game and we will see what we can do about your situation. We will let you know for sure!
  8. My former account didn't bind

    My account on named ⭐Drex⭐ didn't sync how am I going to solved this pls help
  9. Gamescom 2018

    woahh awesome, good luck guys take lots of pics and have a good time
  10. Gamescom 2018

    Unnyhog is heading to Germany, Cologne✈to participate in one of the most influential gaming conferences in the world, where we will be showcasing Hero Masters. Master the secrets of universe with us!✨
  11. New Games

    We're finally ready to answer you As far as I remember you started playing it some time ago. The game has changed a lot since that time.
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  13. Stun Runes from Vengeance Levels

    @Meissner Test Thank you for pointing that out, we will fix it.
  14. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    @chancho No worries Chancho and no need to apologise. This is an open forum and it is great to hear your thoughts regarding the new updates. As for the difficulty, as you mentioned I actually like the game being more difficult as it gives us more to strive for. Before the previous update I could beat the hardest level in the game (Speed Hell) with 3 characters and use the other 2 slots to farm EXP. However, it felt a little empty since making my heroes stronger didn't matter as much without any more challenging levels. The new challenge is welcome, but the bosses and the first two waves have lost their balance in my opinion. Previously,the boss battle was muchharder than the first two waves. Now, the first two waves are way harder than the boss. If I can just survive long enough to make it to the boss, then the boss battle is a very easy fight. It might be worth making the boss battles more difficult to match up better with the difficulty of the first two waves.
  15. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    We have a lot of questions and comments coming from one specific player from Philippines I decided to post it here, so that my colleagues would answer them and other people would see answers as well. 1. The achievements concerning reveal true heroes is still there 2. The arena fight count concerning exploret yoji, still the same your fight count goes back to zero when you go out and go in to the game. 3. The story quest concerning the reveal true heroes is there, if I'm not mistaken 4. The update is harsh, but the graphics improves a little. First the energy you need on every planet is too costly. Id prefer the old energy system. 5. Second the levels of the monster on every planet goes to hard, to beat maybe you should try balancing it. 6. The heroes skills update is not good like the queen cannot heal anymore. My playstyle has been destructed because of that change and also other heroes. 7. Suggestion for arena, match making should be fair. Low fighters should be match in low fighters. High fighters should be match in high fighters also. Balance. 8. You should add more quest, achievement and storyline. Also Id like to get back those dungeons and reveal true power. Also add something to do, 1st fighting monsters in planet, 2nd arena, 3rd dungeons 4th think about another idea so that players will not be board like mini game 9. You should add more quest, achievement and storyline. Also Id like to get back those dungeons and reveal true power. Also add something to do, 1st fighting monsters in planet, 2nd arena, 3rd dungeons 4th think about another idea so that players will not be board like mini games 10. Pvp should have a rewards and ranking should have a monthly rewards to improve competitiveness among the players. 11. Ranking (Leaderboard) 12. 1 great idea you can get to let the gamers come in to your game. Get ideas from supercell they have a great tactic to keep the gamers be on the game and not quit it. 13. Gems and specific heroes are a great rewards 14. Also in the shop you should add more things that can be paid by gems and the coins, but just balance so you can also earn and the gamers will be please, so that the gamers will not think that your game is pay to win, just balance 15. I also see that you are transparent to suggestions and comments of the gamers and thats great thing, they will be the one who will market your game without paying them because they feel that they have something to be contributed for
  16. Hero Database (Collect them all)

    That's really an insane work. Good job!
  17. Twitch streams on Saturday - 3PM UTC

    Guys, we won't have Twitch stream today and in the following weekends. We decided to postpone Twitch streaming in order to find a better way to communicate with you. I will make a post on social networks about that. Have a good weekend!
  18. Hero Database (Collect them all)

    Hi Everyone, This spreadsheet has now been updated with the information for every hero in the game thanks to the new in-game hero database. Please feel free to leave a comment if you notice any errors or would like to add some of the comparison stats (stats for the further evolved heroes). Hope this helps! - Meissner
  19. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    All right that's why we are here to contribute in every possible way, ty for all your work Pavel, just gonna point out that increasing the difficulty depending on the planet tier is ok, the last planets must give a challenge regardless difficulty mode (normal, hard & hell) so with the current update and recent changes i thinksomething like this would work and look better (actually i think its like this right now): Normal difficulty is intended for 1* to 4* heroes with runes lvl 3, 6 or 9, Planets like Lanaville & Neribor would need 3-4* heroes with 6+ lvl runes or something like that. Then hard difficulty would be focused on 4* to 5* heroes, runes lvl 9+ and its expected that players get 5* heroes with runes lvl 12+ when reaching Lanaville or Neribor to have a chance of winning and a decent but fair challenge. Finally hell difficulty requirements will be like minimum 5* heroes, runes lvl 12+ and players should have some 6* already when reaching Lamiland, Lanaville & Neribor, the last planets. So if someone with 3* heroes goes to Lanaville in hard difficulty hes gonna get crushed lol, thats fine, like in any other rpg you don't go to high lvl areas coz you know monsters gonna beat ya in one turn. Before the recent update i finished normal, hard and hell in 5-6 planets so in the former "power" or "accuracy" planet the hell difficulty was easy, im sure thats something you devs didn't want because it doesn't make sense, hell difficulty should be extreme therefore the recent update is correct but unexpected and felt like a big nerf since we got used to fight & kill easily no matter what difficulty mode we choose. Again sorry for writing here Meissner.
  20. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    @Meissner Test Thank you. The rewards will be changed accordingly in the next updates. @chancho The difficulty might be to high right now. It happened because of so many changes and we didn't have time to test everything at once. With your help we are going to adjust the difficulty with the updates. Thank you for pointing at it.
  21. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    Павел, Татьяна просила вам передать что промокод который вы ей дали не стоил тех багов о которых она вам писала.
  22. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    Change in energy consumption & regeneration is something i can live with, not so bad, not the thing i expected thocozi liked the previous state much more, yea it was too "player friendly" allowing us to battle non-stop but we got used to it and with the new update the change seems bit hard or radical so gotta pay more attention in battles and move forward since farming low lvl planets isn't worth it anymore, anyway, the thing ididn't like is the increased difficulty, i had like 2-3 planets left to finish the game, the vampire planet, speed and uhh another one i can't remember, well now i cant even beat 4th or 5th planet in hell difficulty it's just impossible for my 4* heroes team, it was enough before but now they barely stand a chance in those planets with hard difficulty, eg: planet 4th "Morthor" previously known as "Power" was easy to complete in top/hell difficulty with 4* heroes wearing lvl 6-9 runes, now i can't beat the 1st wave of "pumpkins plants"lvl 291 minions. So i moved to the 9th planet "Laneville" and finished the normal difficulty, it was ok not so hard, not so easy so my guess is that difficulty changed in order to be more challenging when you change the mode and not only according to the planet tier like it was before this update. In the previous version difficulty increased the more you advanced through planets, 1st planet being the most easy to complete and the last planet the most difficult, changing the mode in the 1st planet from "normal" to "hard" or even "hell" still was easy enough, so we moved through planets beating all the difficulty stages till last 2-3 planets where the "normal" mode was much harder compared to any other previous planet. Now it seems the game wants us to beat all the planets in the normal mode before trying something higher so it's easier to complete planet 1,2,3, normal difficulty (this update) than completing planet 1 in normal, hard and hell difficulty (previous version). Id guess we gonna need like 5* or 6* star heroes with 12+ lvl runes and good setup before trying any hard or hell difficulty even on planet 2 or 3, it makes sense if devs want extend the game before someone reaches last planet & last difficulty stageand reaching endgame with few things left to do like getting remaining characters or spending crystals leveling up runes to max, problem with this is 1) i saw no comment about all this in the update notes. 2) change is too drastic compared to previous version so in the future i would advise a complete update notes to understand better all the changes and avoid makingplayers going around figuring out what else is different or finding huge remork & major changes with no previous announcement.& explanation how things work now. ps: sorry Meissner for making comments in your topic but i think its better than making a new one with my engrish, by far you are giving the most detailed & valuable feedback at least in english coz ive seen lots of activity from russian players in other topics. thx man keep doing it pls.
  23. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    Thank you again for all your hard work on this game! It is great to get to see all the new features as they are added and watch the characters become more balanced. I'm glad you approve of the math. On the same note, if you want to keep the rewards and quest requirementssimilar to before, then you might also want to adjust the rewards from Daily Quests and the Special Quests (like Explorer Yoji): Daily Quests still only require players to spend 26 energy to get the reward, which only takes 2 levels with the new energy system. This should probably be changed to require players to spend 130 energy to get the reward since players spend energy 5x faster. Special Quests: Explorer Yoji only gives 50 energy for 15 event currency, which is the same price as the 200% EXP for 24 hours booster. Since energy is 5x more expensive, this might also fit better with the other rewards if it is increased 5x to give 250 energy instead of 50.
  24. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    @Татьяна Ступак с промокодом все норм? @joaopedrolife Thank you for the feedback. Empty space is not a bug, there were elements selling, which are temporary removed from the game. Thank you for other bugs, we'll fix them.
  25. Update announcements

    Okay, thanks! It's good to hear that.
  26. Первое впечатление или что-то пошло не так

    New update summary: now I can see every planet that has in the universe unny and strangely on the planet where I am fighting against my combo that I spoke for the last review and I had a scare at the beginning but then I managed to win. Nerf hero: Queen Your second ability now is unfortunately causing damage. bugs and changes: Store bug empty location appears. Goblin bug only opened your eyes when you jumped on your attack,after his attack he keeps his eyes closed. Neri bug skill no name There is no name for your second ability.
  27. Update announcements

    Hi Pedda, We closed elements and reveal because they were not balanced at all. We are currently rebalancing all the heroes, and probably the next will be keepers and elements.
  28. Latest Update (07/08/18)

    @Meissner Test Thank you for the math. It really makes sense. @Pavel Ilyenko Please take his comments into account.
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