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  2. Rating calculations

    Hello Aron, In our current formula the rating you get depends only on the results of the battle, not the amount of kills/deaths.
  3. Getting to know the devs

    Your progress is automatically saved on your fb account if you play on Gameroom, so if you want to continue playing on your phone you just need to autorize in the game using Facebook. But you need to choose the same server region.
  4. Facebook GameRoom Arena bug

    Unfortunately that happens to some users, and we are still waiting until Unity3d fixes that bug. Meanwhile, can I ask about your operational system? Which windows do you have and what is your Graphic card?
  5. Rating calculations

    its still same shit, cause i killed 10 and died 0, you get more points when you destroy things than cap or kill ppl
  6. Getting to know the devs

    How transfer my save of facebook room for my celphone?
  7. Facebook GameRoom Arena bug

    Everytime i try go arena on Facebook Game room, the screen frozen so i need restart. Its making me lose 1 minute of battle every arena.
  8. 0.8.3 - Current

    @Luver We all are very glad you like it!
  9. 0.8.3 - Current

    Great update, Lane is really strong and with new animations battle look epic. Bots using other spells i saw also prices for skills are little lower.
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  11. 0.8.3 - Current

    1) NEW HERO : Lane - the Earth mage Wandering through the deserted planets, Lane has mastered the destructive power of Earth. His talents allow to change the combat from defense to attack right away, leaving enemies no chance. 2) Happy st. Valentine's day meets you in Arena with a new skin. 3) Crash fix when you are trying to build the Arena Portal in tutorial
  12. I can not get into fights on the planet.

    @Макс Единорог Добрый день! 1. По поводу пропадающего интерфейса - мы знаем об этом баге и работаем над ним. Нам очень жаль что он сейчас беспокоит игроков.=( 2. Сообщение вида "Can't add to queue" , появляется при любой попытке пойти в атаку на планету или это был единичный случай? Получается ли на данный момент пойти в атаку на планету? P.S. С нами можно общаться на русском, а мы будем переводить на английский, чтобы другие, не русско говорящиеигроки,смогли прочитать тред. -- Hello! 1. We know about theinvisible interfacebug and we're working on it right now. Sorry that's bothering you. =( 2. Do you get "Can't add to queue" everytime you try to go attack another planet orit happenedjust once? Are you able to attack the planet right now? PS. You can speak Russian with us. We will translate this thread in English to make it readable for other non-russian speaking players.
  13. I can not get into fights on the planet.

    The answer will be? Ответ будет?
  14. I can not get into fights on the planet.

    I play through Fesebook Gameroom. A couple of days ago, I wanted to attack the planet. But I wrote "KANT add the queue". What is not so I do? And further. In the fighting in the arena often propodaet menu. You do not see icons skills, maps ... In short, only the battlefield, and others. Играю через Фесебоок Гамероом. Пару дней назад хотел пойти в атаку на планету. Но мне пишет "КАНТ адд то queue". Что не так я делаю? И ещё. В боях на арене часто проподает меню. Не видно значков способностей, карты... словом, только поле боя и прочие.
  15. 0.8.2

    1. Happy st. Valentine Day! Get new skins for your characters and the Planet. Made with love. 2. Changed the award system from arena battle. Now, you can get stones from each battle: a. 2-3 stones for victory and 1 stone if you lose. b. 5 bonus chest per day for the victory are still in the game. 4. Spells Morth: a. Upgrade duration of Smoke Grenade spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. b. Upgrade duration of Stealth spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. c. Upgrade cooldown of Somersault spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. 5. Spells Akia: a. Destiny Shield duration was increased from 6s to 8s. b. Water Shield duration was decreased from 10s to 8s. c. Upgrade duration of Water Bubble spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. 6. Spells Yoji: a. Fire Shield duration was increased from 5s to 8s. And each upgrade was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s b. Upgrade duration of Boost spell was increased from 0.3s to 0.5s. 7. Code Optimization 8. Minor text and bug fixed
  16. Hedgehog Day and special gift

    Dear friends, today is a funny day, called a Hedgehog day, which is related to our company. Our company’s name originates from a word Hedgehog. It’s because we loooove these tiny, fragile creatures. Just look at them, how cute they are! To celebrate this day we’re giving away a new promo code in UnnyWorld:hedgehog_day May you have a Happy Hedgehog day and see you in our SpaceFantasy! Your Unnyhog
  17. Buggywoogie balance and skills

    Hello, Luver. Thank you for the feedback, and thank you, nicho, for the replies Everything Nicho said is correct, but I have something to add: 2) Originally all heroes are planned to work as a rock-scissor-paper game, so for our game it looks like Yoji > Morth > Akia > Yoji. So no wonder you don't like Morth, when you play Akia. However, it doesn't necessary mean that Morth always wins Akia, but he has an advantage for sure. 3) We are working on updating the bots. It also includes randomizing all skills they have. 4) We are still balancing the spells, so some of them might be changed. Anyway, you shouldn't worry about investing in skill you don't like, and here is why. We'll introduce new characters soon, and some of them are part of the same nature which you already have, so you don't need to build a new building for them, but you need to learn some skills first. For example: one of the next characters is Isna (Frost mage). She is a sister of Akia, and all skills she has will be in the same talent tree as Akia's skill. 6) Raise gate to level 4. Gates work the same way as any building. Just click on it and upgrade As for the other advice, we need some time to try other options and balance everything
  18. Buggywoogie balance and skills

    What's your native language? The post is a bit hard to understand in English. As far as I can tell, this is more of a Questions, Tactics, & Strategy post than a Bugs and Problems post. As far as your main points, however, here's some answers. Let me know if I missed anything. 1. Why are red crystal drops higher? The red crystals are heavily used in the top row skills. These skills will be the first you invest into. The crystal drops for dark crystals, for example, are rare because your ultimate ability should take more time to level than your basic. The crystals align with the power of the skills they unlock. 2. Akia's ultimate ability stops when she takes damage. Yup, meanwhile Yoji's pheonix ultimate ability does not. Im sure this is intentional and part of keeping PvP balanced. Her ultimate can be quick and hard to escape so an opponent can attack to try to stop her from regenerating and healing her allies. 3. When a bot, Yoji uses the fire beam ultimate instead of pheonix. Imagine what It would be like if they all used pheonix for an ultimate. They would be much harder to kill and far more annoying. 4. Why are higher tier abilities not always better (specifically Akia) This is for you to choose. Each skill is arbitrarily good or bad. You decide if it's worth the crystals to obtain or not. The skill may not be better to begin with but with practice, you could find it to be much more effective. 5. Will there be guild wars The devs have stated eventually there will be some sort of PvE guild wars where you can attack other guild planets.
  19. Crystal distribution: I miss now exactly 490 blue crystals when all red are used. It should be more balanced, red crystal drop is a lot bigger, why? Prices in skills are equal, expect purple but i have them enough to do last skillsimultaneously with red stuff. I add that i didn't spend any crystal for other hero. How it is with normal attack this guy guhh Pantera with sword,sometimes it impede me sometimes not. The worst is that he maycanceled special skill Akia with just normal hit. You never know what he can do... isn't enoughthat his special can break any cooldown, literally 2,5 sec is still a lot, range isn't big so you need to be exactly next to foe to precludeexcape. Of course except skills like wawe form or this crocodile jump Morts. Questions. Why Yumi bot using second special skill not first? Now ppl coming do their stuff 5xdaily and 3xsiege and leaving game. Do you think about renewing chest like after 2 hours onechest is availeble to drop likewise attemps at siege?than ppl will be have reason to log in again at the same day In future will be some Guild war? My is ready There is achievement. Raise gate level to 4. Everything cool but how? Advanced skills usually are worst than primary isn't itshould be reversely? I will talk about Akia skills Water spray is 4 tier:hard to control,small dmg, wave form(2 tier) is a lot better you heal yourself and your team, inflict some dmg and the important aim is escape from critical situations likewise Fire Beam or Blade Dance! Cleanse is just useless, maybe in future when other heroes may poisoned, some delayed action spells. Water Bubble 4 tier: No dmg, the smallest range, hard to believe that catch of theplayer is ever possible! Even if is still useless. It could be cool if other heroes may have Second special skill like this little red rat You know completion all 4 tier skills take a lot of time and after all you not using them cuz primary are better, quite sadly.
  20. 0.8.1

    1) Visual improvements for all planet skins We've added many funny animations for all assets. 2) Bug fixes and optimizations
  21. 0.8.0

    Nope. It's available from 1 lvl (:
  22. 0.8.0

    i can't wait to try the new arena Do we need to upgrade arena portal before we can play the new arena?
  23. 0.8.0

    1) New Arena You can read more about it in our blog : 2) Mini-map 3) Characters & Abilities: Yoji a. Phoenix (Delay/Radius) 2 /10> 2.5/8 b. Fire Wave (Damage) 150 > 175 Akia a. Water Wave (Damage/Heal) 150/75 > 140/100 b. Wave Form (Damage/Heal) 100/100 > 120/120 c. WaterShield (Damage/Heal) 25/30 > 30/35 d. Water Bomb (Delay) 3 >2.5 e. Cloud (Damage/Slowdown) 40/25% > 50/35% f. Karma Shield (Duration) 5 > 6 Morth a. Judgment (Damage) 120 > 140 b. Somersault (Charges/Period) 2/1 > 1/2 c. Stealth2 (Time) 2 > 3
  24. Getting to know the devs

    @nichoSome of us combine several positions while others cover only specific area. Minor information (including a photo and position) is available on the company's website If you are talking about knowing more what each of us doing for UnnyWorld, I would say that we used to post articles inour blog how we do certain things. So, a person responsible for a certain area would write a high-level article. An example could be an article about generating water for an early prototype of UnnyWorld from our CEO, who is also happen to be our Lead Programmer and Game Designer:
  25. Getting to know the devs

    Is everyone on the dev team a full stack game developer or do you have specific positions such asanimator, artist/3D modeler, network architect?
  26. Discussion: Changing Guild Leaders

    I think this is a key I hadn't realized before. With the addition of guild experience, levels, and achievements, community members will have a lot more invested into the guild then just their relationships. I understand now why you want to protect all older members of the guild. In this case, I think having higher level players in the guild be protected from kicking and being able to potentially elect a new GM who's more fit is a fair mechanic. Thanks for explaining the big picture. And a quick sidenote to hit on this - I don't think we should give the option to diversify your guild in such a way. One guild system is good, multiple is unnecessary and overly complex.
  27. Discussion: Changing Guild Leaders

    @Pavel Ignatov I like those 4 points you mentioned and specially making guild private and GM can't kick people with high rank. He needs to start a vote for that Also i think guild member numbers should increase more in the future and also increase guild creation cost because nearly most players are creating guilds once they get the 2000 aqurivium and keep your great work..!!
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