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  2. An event for guilds to earn more exp

    1. I didn't say only high ranking guild members should participate.....just said ranks should be added. 2. Yay! Raids are going to be soo boss lol
  3. 0.9.8 - En breve (día 31/05)

    Espléndido! una nueva arena, gracias athalwolf por el foro en español
  4. 0.9.7 Account Transfer

    Hi! Don't worry, everything is fine. It will happen when we release the new version and you will enter the game. For now, we're still waiting for review from Apple to release 0.9.7
  5. 0.9.7 Account Transfer

    Hello, My asian server account hasn't transferred, nor have any of our asian guild servers. I'm presuming you're aware of this problem but just in case it's an anomoly I thought I'd bring it up.
  6. 0.9.8 - Em breve (dia 31/05)

    1) Sistema de classificação em Guildas implementada. 2) Mudanças nas antigas Arenas. 3) Função de silenciar e reportar jogadores no chat.
  7. 0.9.7 - Atual

    1) Todos os jogadores do servidor da Ásia são transferidos para servidor Europeu. 2) Torres invisíveis na Arena "Festa Bang-bang" foram consertadas. 3) Problema visual ajustado.
  8. 0.9.8 - En breve (día 31/05)

    1) Sistema de clasificación de los gremios. 2) Modificación en la viejas Arenas. 3) Función de silenciar y reportar enconversaciones.
  9. 0.9.7 - Actual

    1) Todos los jugadores del servidor de la Asia son transferidos a Europa. 2) Las torres invisibles en la Arena "Bang-bang Fiesta" fueron arregladas. 3) Hecho ajustesen visuales con problemas.
  10. 0.9.8 - Coming 31.05

    1) Rank system in Guilds 2) Changes in old Arenas 3) Mute and Report for chat
  11. 0.9.7 - yakında

    1) Tüm Asya sunucusundaki oyuncular Avrupa suncusuna transfer edilecek 2) Bang-Bang Parti Arenasındaki Görünmez Kuleler düzeltildi. 3) Görsel hatalar düzeltildi.
  12. 0.9.7 - Current

    1) All players from Asian server are transferred to Europe 2) Invisible towers in Bang-bang Party Arena were fixed 3) Visual bug fixes
  13. 0.9.6

    Just saw the button for the emoji in the lower right, very fun! I'll definitely be making use of them
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  15. An event for guilds to earn more exp

    In 2 weeks we'll release a new update with ranks in Guild. The experience you earn for your guild will also affect your own rank in the guild. The higher rank you have, the more experience you can earn. That system will help to see who is active in the guild and who is not, and also will accelerate the guild progress. It will also prevent people from jumping between guilds, because this way they will lose their rank. Later this system will transform into system with officers, who can help GM.
  16. Si prepara para la batalla

    Tu prioridad es lo objetivo enton.... pero usted estás cierto en a hacer esto. Ahora no tiene ningúna diferencia con puntos en asasinar.
  17. Si prepara para la batalla

    Oo gracias para la imagen. Mi estrategia para cualquier personaje: Me gusta elegir un lado sin mi equipo. Juegodentro del rango de mi torre y espero para los enemigos muevan a la portal de trasgos. Matolos enemigos con todos mis hechizos, gano la portal, y mueva a la torre del otroequipo. Cuando los jugadores resucitan, yo los ignoro hasta destruyo sustorre. Vuelvo a la portalpara reclamarlo. Usualmente los enemigos estan atacando a mi torre por este tiempo y no hay problemas. Ganola portal, voy a la guardiana, y trato no salir hasta la guardiana es destroyida. lo siento mucho para el espanol imperfecto! Todavia estoy aprendando y me gustaria correciones
  18. An event for guilds to earn more exp

    Guild planets and all the splendor that comes with them are in the works. To add some perspective on the speed of guild exp though, guild exp has only been out for a couple months. There's a good amount of level 4 guilds already. The game isn't even fully launched so we should expect the rate of guild exp to be quite slow so that A) other guilds that come from the full launch will still have a chance and B) guilds take years to fully realize the benefits of being a veteran guild. But I love the idea of being able to raid other guild planets! I'm sure once you're able to choose your target planet for raids the guild planet raids will be soon to arrive too. What I disagree with is only allowing upper rank guild members to participate in raids. That elitism is definitely not something guilds should be looking to promote. If you're a veteran member, you'll reap plenty of benefits just by participating in the raid and helping your team succeed. On a closing note, this isn't really a valid argument because you can remove guild members who aren't contributing or participating in the manner you'd like to see. I love the ideas, keep 'em coming!
  19. 0.9.6

    I actually have yet to do that, Im not a big emoji user to begin with but that's certainly a pleasant quality of life update
  20. Gaining 1 medal!

    I basically I'm op. GG!
  21. Gaining 1 medal!

    Hello, Vendetta. The amount of medals you receive depends only on the amount of medals you and your opponents have. The more modals you have, the less you get, basically. It happens because you are getting to the top players, so it means that most of players you play with have less medals then you are. It was made to avoid medals to skyrocket for the best players.
  22. Gaining 1 medal!

    Is there a limiter to those who keep winning arenas? With my perfect game record of a 9:1 win ratio and a kill ratio of around 11:1 per arena, I should be stacking up 50 medals per win, but no, I keep getting 1. If its because the ppl I team with have lower medals than me, why does it have to affect the amount I gain? Do you know how hard it is to do arenas non stop because I keep getting 15 medals and lower? Now I keep getting 1s. My progress is being halted!! >:' c
  23. Gemler çok az düşüyor

    promosyon kodu: youthday19
  24. Now we can safely say that the current way of gaining guild exp is "fine", but for me its kind of slow, so I propose a guild war event in which guild members of a guild can raid other guild's "Guild House" toget a more suitable exp gain as well as some bonus resources for those who did the invading such as chest (medium and higher) randomly gained of course, and purple crystals. Also only allow guild leaders and "upper ranks" (Co-leaders and Elders) in which I am suggesting to be added to allow long time guild members to feel some what appreciated and have some "power" in the guild they help build. With this ppl won't just jump inside a guild if there is space just to do nothing towards it. Plz give your feedbacks. #Omnipotent
  25. Gemler için daha çok promosyon kodları olsa:(?
  26. * 0.9.6

    1 > Torres de defesa adicionadas. 2 > Arena "Festa Bang-bang" foirebalanceada. 3 > Visual dos poderes de Yoji, foram melhorados. 4 > Bugs em geral consertados e jogo otimizado. 5 > Adicionados 'emojis' para Arenas. 6 > Língua espanhol implementado.
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