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    1. New Hero : Forga Forga race is known across UnnyWorld as the best hunters. Their precision and high ranging skills made Forga dangerous enemies for those who approach their lands. To unlock Forga you need to upgrade Barracks to lvl 3, and then learn unlocking talent in Morth's talent tree. 2. New league was added:Platinum 3. Barracks lvl cap is 6 now 4. Minor text and bug fixes
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    @Stupid_IdiotWell, we're really glad. Have fun in UnnyWorld!
  5. Исчезновение

    @Макс ЕдинорогДа, игра будет русифицирована. Но на данный момент нет ориентировочной даты, когда мы добавим русскую локализацию.
  6. Исчезновение

    Кстати, такой вот вопрос: А русификация планируется? Интерфейс интуитивно понятен и сейчас тут кроме описания зданий, почти нечего читать. Но всё-же...
  7. Bugs

    Okay i don't see these bugs anymore
  8. Bugs

    Okay no problem
  9. Исчезновение

    Добрый день. Это был лучник и мы случайно его выложили Поняв своб ошибку, мы быстро его спрятали обратно. Он сейчас еще тестируется и официально будет доступен на следующей неделе. Всего персонажей пока что 5, скоро прибудут лучник и электрик. Мы так же добавим позже окно, где можно будет просмотреть всех доступных персонажей и узнать что нужно сделать для его получения.
  10. У меня, из списка исследований пантеры, пропал лев. Кстати, а сколько вообще персонажей уже введено?Я знаю про 6, включая пропавшего.
  11. Bugs

    @Stupid_IdiotHello! Today, we released an update which fixes the issue (on Facebook Gameroom, and for mobile versions), mentioned on the screenshot. However, I'm not sure about other problems you told me about. Can you check them in the game and tell me if it's ok now?
  12. Bugs

    Okay after choosing my army to attack something like this happened
  13. Bugs

    and when i clicked on house and i selected attack it said "The same minion already hired Reload" i clicked reload and something like this happened
  14. Bugs

    and the same happens on the ships
  15. Bugs

  16. Bugs

    @Stupid_IdiotOhh, ok then. So what is exactly wrong with it? Perhaps, you're talking about this screen. Am I right?
  17. Bugs

    No, I am talking about that building on my planet that summons friendly creatures to defend my planet
  18. Bugs

    @Stupid_Idiot Ok, these are goblins' houses :). So what do you mean by "you can't use a portal" ? You aren't able to capture it (make it belong to your team) or, for instance, goblins aren't respawned after the house is captured?
  19. Bugs

    Okay so im talking about portal that summons friendly creatures.
  20. Bugs

    @Stupid_IdiotHello and welcome to our community forum! Thank you for letting us know about these issues with the game. 1.Lane using "underground tunnel" can't go through gates - this behavior is intended by the gameplay. can't use portal - what kind of portal are you talking about? The one which is located in the Goblin Arena and allows you to jump very far? Anyway, we will check portals and unlimited cooldowns.
  21. Bugs

    Hello, there is a bug that you can't use portal, and Lane using "underground tunnel" can't go through gates, and i don't know if it's a bug but Lane has unlimited cooldown at his double shot talent.
  22. I can't chage my army

    thank you i love this game
  23. I can't chage my army

    @AKA GHOULHello! Thank you for joining our community forum and reporting this bug. We have already fixed it and it will be included in the next update.
  24. I can't chage my army

    i found a bug "I can't chage my army "
  25. Спасибо за репорт!Нам об этом известно и мы починим к следующему апдейту.
  26. Баг подвисания событий и ещё парочка багов.

    После боя на планете, не появляется сундук. Благо, это происходит только на чисто визуальном уровне.
  27. Join my guild

    @Niksii would love to join. my IGN is iLyken on EU server.
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