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  2. Исчезновение

    Добрый день!В прошлый понедельник, мы выпустили обновление игры, в котором были добавлены 2 языка. В том числе русский. Смена языка находится в окне настроек. Потребуется перезагрузкаигру, чтобы язык сменился.
  3. 1) Добавлена озвучка персов во время каста заклинаний; 2) Добавлены анимации и звуки для событий на аренах: дабл кил, трайпл кил и т.д.; 3) Визуальный фикс Дымовой шашки Морта; 4) Исправлен Сюрикен, в случае когда Морт имел возможность совершать прыжки много раз; 5) Добавлена телепортация на базу, во время матча на Аренах. Также, находясь на базе,можно быстро восстановить здоровье; 6) Игра переведена дополнительно на 2 языка: русский и турецкий. Смена языка в игре не происходит мгновенно, для этогонужноперезапустить игру; 7) Фиксы багов.
  4. Ideas for new heroes

    I think the easiest will be to start with ideas for existing heroes and for the heroes we have in our roadmap :
  5. Ideas for new heroes

    What about adding in monster, more hp to the heroes
  6. Ideas for new heroes

    Give ideas about new heroes: their skill, their weapons,...
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  8. 0.9.3 - Coming Soon

    1) Friends System. Invite your friends from facebook or make new one in the game. You can call your friends to Arena and compare your scores with them. 2) Portuguese-Brazil localization added. 2) Bug fixes and improvements.
  9. 0.9.2 - Current

    1) Added voices for characters when casting spells; 2) Added animations and sounds for Arena events, like Double Kill, Triple Kill, etc; 3) Morth'sSmoke Grenade visual fix andShuriken fix, when Morth could jump many times; 4) Now you can teleport back to your base in Arena. Also you can restore your HP on the base very fast; 5) The game is translated in two additional languages: Russian and Turkish. However it doesn't change at runtime for now, so you have to restart the game to apply the changes; 6) Bug fixes.
  10. 0.9.1

    Свежее обновление: 1) Добавлена Чемпионская Лига 2) Улучшена детализация скинов некоторых персонажей. Остальные будут добавлены позже 3) Фиксы багов
  11. Discussion: Incentivizing mentors

    Wow. We thought about walking on someones planet, but we never discusses pvp there with friends. That should be fun. Thank you for this idea But I need to tell you that there are a lot of technical work need to be done, so please don't expect it too soon. Actually, we've been thinking about a Guild planet, where all guild mates can chip in to build something together. They can also meet with each other on that planet. I think we should develop those 2 modes together. Anyway, do you have any ideas for a passive friendship? For instance it should be profitable for you to have friends in the game, because you might get something you couldn't get by yourself.
  12. 0.9.1

    1) Champions League was added 2) Design for the basic skins of all characters was improved. (Other skins will come later) 3) Bug fixes
  13. Discussion: Incentivizing mentors

    This is great, Im glad to hear many of these solutions youve already considered and plan on developing. I agree that the reward system gets a bit tricky when youre playing with lower levels so that incentive might have to come from other systems. I envision multiple things going on with visiting other people's planets. First is that it doesn't have to strictly be a nonpvp environment. Allow people to kill each other and do damage to one another, just have them respawn at the teleporter or town hall once they die. Allowing players to visit each other and choose if they want to fight provides them with tools to build on top of the game itself. For example, people could host duels and tournaments. Or you might see a roleplaying community spring up. What must go alongside visiting other people's planets, however, is a local chat. This could be as simple as a chat bubble popping up above the character's head un the world, or another chat besides the global/guild chats that already exist. With a local chat players can really develop friendships with other players. The purpose of an optional combat experience is to provide players with the tools to develop meaningful relationships within your game. As I noted in my previous post, players who develop friendships within the game are much more likely to stick around and get highly invested. If you'd like to justify the development time, these features are part of your player retention features and will directly turn into sales because players who stay longer will inevitably make more purchases.
  14. Discussion: Incentivizing mentors

    Hello, thank you very much for the message. You have very good thoughts. Some of the features you mentioned are already in development: 1) Friends system. We'll start with a basic stuff, like inviting your friends from facebook and play with them in Arena. There is no need to be in the same guild. 2) Bonus experience when you play in party with your guild mates. (You mentioned this) 3) Ranking system in the guild. The more you play for your guild, the higher your rank is. New people will see it and trust you more. Also people with high rank can be nominated to become the next Guild Master. It was discussed here. As for the PvP ranks. The problem we have now is that you are mostly playing with bots, and the win-rate is very high, however when we get more users after the launch, you'll be playing mostly with real players. At that point the average win-rate will drop to approximately 50%. Lets say your have 2k rating, so you'll matched with equal opponents, but if you take with you a friend with 0 rating, you'll be probably matched with people having 1k rating. It means that might be easier for you to win, so it won't be really fair to give you the same award in those to scenarios. We can easily add a feature when you visit your friend's planet, but we are struggling with a non combat interaction. Do you have any ideas in mind? How can you interact with other players? Even if you visit their planets, what is the purpose?
  15. Hello Unnyworld, Today it's important we talk about creating a game's culture. A giant problem as games tend to scale is that the community's culture becomes toxic and extremely unwelcoming to new players. To prevent this, we need to focus on cultivating a healthy community culture that promotes mentorship amongst new players and veterans. This mentor relationship is key to increase player retention and ultimately elevate player's to the next level of gameplay. Any gamer with 1,000s of hours into a game will tell you they played that much because of the people, and the large majority of those players got hooked because of an early mentor. In my eyes, the guild system is the perfect environment to start cultivating that mentoring culture. Guild leaders and even other members can present themselves as mentors to one another. The problem is that the game currently has some design features that inhibit the evolution for players to turn the game into a more social experience. First of course is that the chat and friends list features are in need of major attention. Along with that comes features to visit each other's planets and interact in uncompetitive environments. But those features can all be implemented in due time. What I'd really like to propose in this post is a change to the rating system when playing with players of a lower level. As a guild master myself, I know I need to spend time in the arena to help my newer members get involved and start getting invested. But It feels like a huge drag and It pains me to win and only get +1 renown for the win. Already Im only getting 7 each win. To get just 1 point towards my rank really makes It hard for me to justify the time i spent with that newer player. I feel as though the game should reward veteran players for spending that time with new players so that we can start working on a culture where the new and old players can get along. Incentivizing older players to be mentors to the new generation can create a distinct culture in our community and greatly increase the changes of those New players sticking around. Some solutions might include: - Providing extra guild exp for wins when youre in a party with guild members - Not reducing your rank reward when playing with lower rank members in your guild - Giving a couple green gems to the veteran for playing with a lower level player Any of these suggestions would be a step in the right direction towards incentivizing players to become mentors for the new generations to come.
  16. 0.9.0

    Веснав UnnyWorld привноситбольшое обновление в геймплее! 1. Изменена базовая атака героя:все герои автоматически атакуют цель. Нужно просто, первым выстрелом базовой атаки зафиксироватьцель (под врагом появится красный кружок), все последующие использования базовой атаки, будут наносить урон именно этому врагу, пока цель не будет сменена на другого противника или он не выйдет из зоны действия спела. Так вы сможете больше уделять внимания более мощным заклинаниям. 2. Время изучения всех талантов было уменьшено. 3. Все герои были перебалансированы. 4. Ново прибывшие игроки встретят абсолютно новый туториал, а также, ненадолго встретятся с главным злодеем. 5. Изменено расположение зданий в городе на Планете. Мы планируем ввести кардинальные изменения в геймплей Атаки на Планету и дать игрока возможность менять свою планету по своему усмотрению. 6. Уменьшено кол-во опыта (experience), требуемого для повышения уровня Гильдии. 7. Уменьшены цены на Зеленые кристаллы. Теперь вы можете разбогатеть, заплатив меньше Приятной игры!
  17. 0.9.0

    Spring is coming. A huge update! 1. Changed the base attack of the heroes. Now all heroes automatically attack a target. You just need to select a target and control all other spells. 2. Research time for all talents was decreased. 3. Rebalance of all heroes. 4. Brand new tutorial. 5. Your planet was changed. We are going to radically change the Attack system and give all players the ability to change the landscape. This was the first step to our goal. 6. Reduced the amount of experience required to increase the level of the Guild. 7. Reduced prices for Crystals. Now you can pay less and become rich in the game.
  18. We can help with your Guild

    Hello, Friends. Some of you have joined a guild and put some effort to level it up, but some of you also have a Guild Master who doesn't show up for some reasons. Until we have a social feature to change the GM in the game, we are willing to help you. Please write here if you have this problem, so we'll be able to change your GM to an active person in your guild.
  19. 0.8.8

    1. New Hero : Forga Forga race is known across UnnyWorld as the best hunters. Their precision and high ranging skills made Forga dangerous enemies for those who approach their lands. To unlock Forga you need to upgrade Barracks to lvl 3, and then learn unlocking talent in Morth's talent tree. 2. New league was added:Platinum 3. Barracks lvl cap is 6 now 4. Minor text and bug fixes
  20. Bugs

    @Stupid_IdiotWell, we're really glad. Have fun in UnnyWorld!
  21. Исчезновение

    @Макс ЕдинорогДа, игра будет русифицирована. Но на данный момент нет ориентировочной даты, когда мы добавим русскую локализацию.
  22. Исчезновение

    Кстати, такой вот вопрос: А русификация планируется? Интерфейс интуитивно понятен и сейчас тут кроме описания зданий, почти нечего читать. Но всё-же...
  23. Bugs

    Okay i don't see these bugs anymore
  24. Bugs

    Okay no problem
  25. Исчезновение

    Добрый день. Это был лучник и мы случайно его выложили Поняв своб ошибку, мы быстро его спрятали обратно. Он сейчас еще тестируется и официально будет доступен на следующей неделе. Всего персонажей пока что 5, скоро прибудут лучник и электрик. Мы так же добавим позже окно, где можно будет просмотреть всех доступных персонажей и узнать что нужно сделать для его получения.
  26. У меня, из списка исследований пантеры, пропал лев. Кстати, а сколько вообще персонажей уже введено?Я знаю про 6, включая пропавшего.
  27. Bugs

    @Stupid_IdiotHello! Today, we released an update which fixes the issue (on Facebook Gameroom, and for mobile versions), mentioned on the screenshot. However, I'm not sure about other problems you told me about. Can you check them in the game and tell me if it's ok now?
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